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Digital marketing has two wide formats, SEO and PPC. Although both are paid services, yet PPC is more direct with sponsorships. This means that in PPC, the compensation is charged on the basis on pay-per-click, whereas SEO is more of a general commitment to ensure the virtual presence of a website organically. The algorithm for both formats is exclusive, but the former comprises the maximum part of what one sees as the web.

To make matters simple, consider a test situation where you put up a general keyword search. The engine delivers two types of results, if you would notice carefully. There would be some sites marked as ‘sponsored ads’ at the side. These results are presented conspicuously above the list of first ten organic suggestions that follow. Getting this total visibility accessible on the search platform defines ‘digital marketing’ at large. A huge amount of tentative strategy executions and planning goes on to secure a high presence in the so-called SEO holy list comprising the first page in Google.

The same test search you did above should reveal the total number of results, and it is often in millions if not in hundred thousand. It is easy to surmise how much effort should go into beating millions at competition to be in the top ten! Only the best professional services can make it happen, but it typically takes a few months in the process as well. We never make false claims of providing a top rank in three weeks, as that is impossible practically.

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