Wordpress Development

Wordpress is by far, the most popular content management systems in the internet. As per the stats on today, January 27, 2017, 27.4% of all websites in the net comprise the entire WP domain. Although it is not a preferable solution for high end CMS requirements because of its basic nature, yet it is undoubtedly the best solution for simple, but effective content rich sites. Although its tools are rather primary compared to Drupal or Joomla, but they are nevertheless sufficient when you need a steady, reputed platform to register your mark on the internet.

Our team members bring in years of experience benefits to your projects, ultimately crafting sites that serve your purpose best. We make it a point to work by a strict instructional basis, and prefer extended communications at all phases of development. Our workflow is highly systematic, and maintained in order by the constant supervision of a dedicated project manager, available 24/7. We work on shift basis allocations to compress maximum efforts in every 24 hour, and to connect with international real time standards.

Wordpress allows a great degree of basic customization and a well-tested scalable infrastructure supporting unlimited growth. Its vast archive of plugins and schemes often serve as readymade preferences when you need to get a proper site up and ready very fast. The options of upgrading and redesigning are always open. New webmasters often find WP as the perfect option to understand the granular details of site management and the basic of SEO .

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Industries We Serve

Responsive Websites for IT industries
CMS websites for Educational institutions
Responsive Healthcare websites
Manufacturing industry websites
E-commerce websites development
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